October 11, 2012

Wildlife in Water Works Park

Des Moines Water Works Park is approximately 1,500 acres of natural woodlands, prairie and river bottom ground with an abundance of wildlife.  The park, which is nestled in the city limits of Des Moines, and is only a stone’s throw from the downtown area, boasts a variety of wildlife species. Whether one bikes, walks or explores the park on nearly eight miles of bridle trails – they are sure to come across a variety of wildlife.

White-tail deer, turkey, fox and coyotes are a few of the wild animals that can be found in the park.  Look in the tree tops and you will find hawks, ravens, various birds and even bald eagles.   With acres of water within the ponds and Raccoon River, park patrons will find dozens of different species of waterfowl as well.  Hundreds of ducks and geese call Water Works Park home and can be seen nesting on the banks and diving for food; however, we encourage park visitors to not feed them, so that they do not lose their natural ability to determine a predator threat.

Water Works Park is truly a nature lover’s destination and fall is the perfect time to enjoy it.  What wildlife have you discovered?  Water Works Park hours are 6:00 am-9:00 pm.

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