November 1, 2012

Where Does it Go?

Most people want to help the environment by doing the right thing, but they don’t always know where it should go.  Properly disposing of unwanted items is important to keep pollution off the street and out of our source water.  Here are some of the things that people often have questions about.

Plastic bottles:  Bottles with twist-off lids (e.g. milk, water, detergent, mayonnaise, medicine bottles) can be recycled in your CurbIt! cart.  Rinse them out and the lid can be left on or off.  If they contained hazardous materials, throw the bottle out if empty.

Plastic containers:  Only margarine and yogurt containers can be recycled.  Rinse out and throw lids in trash.  Sour cream and ice cream containers cannot be recycled.

Cardboard milk and juice cartons:  Rinse out and recycle in CurbIt! cart.

Phonebooks:  Recycle in CurbIt! cart.

Aerosol cans:  If held non-hazardous materials and are empty, recycle in CurbIt! cart.

Shredded paper:  Can be recycled by putting in paper sack or box (not plastic bag) and placing in CurbIt! cart.

Light bulbs:  Throw incandescent bulbs in trash and take fluorescent bulbs to Metro Hazardous Waste Drop-off in Bondurant.

Plastic bags:  Take to grocery store that has containers for recycling them – do not put them in your recycling cart.

Batteries:  Rechargeable batteries (lithium, cadmium) and car batteries should be taken to the Metro Hazardous Waste Drop-offAlkaline batteries can be throw in the garbage or taken to Batteries Plus, Interstate Battery or Home Depot.

Packing peanuts:  Take to a UPS store to be reused.

Hazardous chemicals (toxic, flammable, corrosive, reactive):  If still some left in the container, take to Metro Hazardous Waste Drop-off, if empty, throw container in trash.

Medicines:  Check out the Iowa Pharmaceutical Take Back Program at  or double-bag them and put them in the trash.

Yard waste:  Never put in the trash! Put in CompostIt! bags at the curb to be picked up.

To find out more, check out Metro Waste Authority’s  “Where It Should Go Guide” for a list of where everything from A to Z should go.

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