August 29, 2011

Wellness is “HIP” at DMWW

DMWW is striving to create a culture of health and wellness.  We have been recognized for our achievement in creating a healthy work environment by the Wellness Council of America and the State of Iowa with the Well Workplace Award.  The award recognizes employers that have implemented and demonstrated measurable success in employee wellness programming.  

The Health Improvement Planning Team (HIP) at DMWW is responsible for advocating health in the workplace.  The mission of the team is: To maintain a dynamic workforce, from hire to retire, by creating an environment where employees achieve happy, healthy lifestyles for themselves and their families.  The team plans various activities and educational programs to benefit the employee and their family.  Some of the activities are:

  • Free annual medical screens
  • Employee vegetable garden plots
  • Loaner bicycles for employees to ride on breaks or for transportation between locations.
  • Walking events
  • Walking maps of DMWW park
  • Mid-day stretching break
  • Naturally Slim – lifestyle management program
  • Team exercise competition
  • Loaner bicycles for employees to ride on breaks or for transportation between locations
  • Healthy cooking classes
  • Diabetes and heart disease management and prevention classes
  • Wellness guidance resources
  • Fitness reimbursement
  • Smoking cessation incentives

DMWW will grow our health and wellness culture by continuously meeting and re-evaluating the needs of their employees and their families.

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