October 13, 2011

Water Works Park Road Facelift

Those who enjoy the beauty of Water Works Park by walking, biking or simply cruising, have probably noticed Water Works Park received a minor facelift recently.  The western portion of the Park, known as the Event Loop, has taken a beating from age, flooding and a high water table.  The road was crumbled, cracked and even non-existent in some areas, providing an uncomfortable and sometimes unsafe surface.  The 1.7 mile loop received a 3” overlay of asphalt, which amounted to 4,100 tons of asphalt!   In addition, to improve drainage and channel water, 4,050 feet of ditches and 376 feet of culverts were installed.  Thanks to the completion of the project, which cost approximately $410,000, recreation enthusiasts can now enjoy a smooth riding and walking surface.   

IMT Des Moines Marathon runners will enjoy the new Park roads Sunday, October 16.  Enjoy the beautiful autumn weather and experience the improvement for yourself!

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