June 22, 2011

The Botanical Center’s Outdoor Gardens

Have you visited the Des Moines Botanical and Environmental Center lately?  This is the perfect time to enjoy all of the outdoor gardens at the Center.  

Approximately 13,000 annuals were recently planted on the grounds, and many enhancements have been made. 

The perennial gardens that were planted along the entrance sidewalks are in their second year and are looking spectacular.  The last two year’s weather has really pushed these plants to mature size and bloom levels.

A popular spot for weddings, the gazebo has been adorned with a couple new flowerbeds.  Last year a large donated collection of Bearded Iris, Siberian Iris, Daylily, and Asiatic Lilies was added, and that area has been full of color since March and should continue until frost.  Numerous varieties of annuals were planted in the area in front of the gazebo, formally known as the herb garden, to add more color.  The new and improved herb garden was moved to the east side of the building and replanted by the Des Moines Herb Society.

Finally, the Buck Rose collection has been expanded and now contains 80+ varieties, making the Botanical Center the site of one of the largest collections of these roses in the nation.  (The late Dr. Griffith Buck developed the hardy, fragrant roses at Iowa State University.)

We’re sure you’ll enjoy your next trip to the Botanical Center.  While you’re there, be sure to check out the Gift Shop and the Riverwalk Cafe.

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