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March 28, 2011

Wellness @ Work

DMWW recently had the opportunity to attend the Physical Activity Training Summit sponsored by the Wellness Council of America (WELCOA) Now why would we want to go to training about physical activity?  Consider this quote from Dr. David Hunnicut, President of WELCOA. “Physical Activity is medicine.  If sold as a pill, it would be the single-most effective medicine available.  It’s as close to a silver bullet as anything we have.” He went on to say that by walking 30 to 45 minutes on most days, we can delay the onset of disability 10 – 12 years. 

According to the American Heart Association, we gain two hours of life expectancy for every one hour of vigorous exercise, like brisk walking  Why wouldn’t we jump on this bandwagon?  For many, it is lack of time or inconvenience.  As an employer, DMWW is committed to the health of its workforce and we want to make it easy.  DMWW’s employee health team encourages fellow employees to engage in physical activity, inlcluding the following:

  1. Loaner bikes:  hop on one of the loaner bikes to travel to a meeting in another building or take a ride in Water Works Park during lunch break.
  2. Wellness Walks:  walk 500,000 steps in 75 days and win prizes and a healthy lunch in an incentive contest.
  3. Garden work-out:  keep moving by planting and caring for flowers and veggies in the DMWW employee garden plot.  Those veggies give healthy eating a boost too!
  4. 100 hour challenge:  exercise for 100 hours and earn points in an incentive contest.
  5. Community events:  participate in five community sponsored races, runs, or walks – like the upcoming Grand Blue Mile:  and receive a DMWW high-quality moisture-wicking technical logo shirt. 

We know it takes only 30 seconds of exercise before the health benefits begin.  Small adjustments can lead to big changes.  We just need to get moving! What are your ideas for keeping employees physically active?   Do you need motiviation to start?  It’s National Start! Walking Day on April 6, 2011!  For a free toolkit, go to:

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