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May 13, 2013

Water Service Line Coverage FAQ

Des Moines Water Works is pleased to offer a low-cost water service line coverage program now available through HomeServe. This coverage offers protection for water service line breaks for single-family residents in the City of Des Moines and Des Moines Water Works’ total service areas. This program is voluntary and offers customers additional choices. The decision to participate is entirely yours.

QHomeServe DMWW Coverage: What am I responsible for?
A:  As a homeowner, you are responsible for your water service line, from Des Moines Water Works water main to the water meter inside your home. The decision to insure this risk is entirely yours.

Q: How does the coverage plan work?
A:  Step 1:  In the event of a home emergency, just call HomeServe toll-free at 1-855-695-1493.
Step 2:  A local, licensed and insured plumber will be dispatched to your home to make your repair or replacement.
Step 3:  Once covered repairs are completed, just sign the repair form and HomeServe pays the plumber directly for you.

Q: What is included in the Water Service Line Coverage Plan?
A:  You will be covered for qualified costs to repair or replace the broken or leaking exterior water service line, from the water meter inside your home to the Des Moines Water Works water main, including the cost to repair the exterior shut-off valve. This includes all service call charges, labor and materials for covered repairs, and basic restoration – so you’ll have no bill to pay for covered repairs. HomeServe coverage also covers situations where a customer’s meter is located in an outside meter pit, covering the line from DMWW’s main to the point where the line enters the building.

Q: How much does it cost and where do I send my payment?
A:  The coverage costs $4.99 a month. Customers who sign up will be billed directly on their monthly Des Moines Water Works bill.

Q: How can I obtain more information and/or purchase the HomeServe policy?
A:  You can contact HomeServe directly at 1-855-695-1493 or visit Des Moines Water Works’ HomeServe page.

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Do I Need Water Service Line Coverage?

Des Moines area residents may recently have received a letter from HomeServe, a company offering water service line coverage.  Although Des Moines Water Works believes such a service could be of value to our customers and we are, in fact, in the process of creating a program that we could recommend to our customers, Des Moines Water Works does not endorse HomeServe at this time and did not provide any customer information to the company.

The letter correctly states the property owner is responsible for the water service line from the main to your home or business, which includes the stopbox.  Leaks in the service line or an inoperable stopbox can be expensive to repair, which is why DMWW is researching solutions for customers who wish to protect themselves from the risks associated with their water service line.  In our research, we have found most plans offer only limited coverage and do not cover all aspects of the service line, such as an inoperable stopbox.  We are thoroughly researching service providers and plans and will select a partner we can recommend only after a thorough and rigorous review of the company’s qualifications and services.  We anticipate a program that DMWW can fully endorse will be available to our customers later this year.

“Before selecting any service provider or coverage, we encourage customers to ask questions specifically related to the coverage offered to ensure it covers the service line from the tap to the home or business, including the stopbox, and to be sure the offer is made by a reputable company,” said Randy Beavers, CEO and General Manager.

DMWW considers ourselves your partner in ensuring you receive a quality product and service for all aspects of your water service, and we take very seriously our mission to provide responsive services that provide high value to our customers.  We cannot affirm that HomeServe’s offering meets this high standard.

If you have any questions, please contact Des Moines Water Works at (515) 283-8700.

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