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October 5, 2010

At DMWW, It’s Cool to be Green

It’s Cool to Be Green is the theme of this school year’s free environmental education programs offered to Des Moines area schools by the Urban Environmental Partnership. Mary Gillaspey (Metro Waste Authority) and I are busy traveling to area classrooms to teach about taking care of the world around us.  In all of our 16 different programs, we try to get across the message of watershed protection in a fun way.

Young kids love Dewey the waterdrop puppet as he takes them on a journey of water traveling through Des Moines. When the Raccoon River Players (Mary and I) visit a classroom to perform three humorous skits, kids get to learn about how water becomes polluted (and how to prevent it) and about breaking the nasty litterbug habit. Students get the chance to hone their recycling skills in our Recycle Me presentation. Older students get to learn about how watersheds and landfills work through the use of table-sized plastic models.

The water cycle comes alive with a puzzle activity of where water goes at it travels through Des Moines. Students learn about the steps it takes to get drinking water and wastewater clean through large picture cards or a Powerpoint presentation and chemical samples, or they can come on a tour of Des Moines Water Works and walk through the steps of water treatment.  A highlight of the tour is a visit to the laboratory and the opportunity to see some of the testing our microbiologist and chemists do every day to make sure the water is clean and safe to drink. Teachers can schedule our programs and tours by emailing me at [email protected] .

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