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November 5, 2012

Safety at Des Moines Water Works

A reliable supply of clean, healthy water to your home or business requires a lot of things and one of the most critical is Des Moines Water Works employees.  Healthy, safe workers are paramount to delivering water you can trust for life.

Des Moines Water Works has many layers of safety to protect employees as well as the public.  For example, Des Moines Water Works has a fleet of nearly 100 vehicles, so driving safety is paramount to employees as well as the public.  When you’re on Fleur Drive, downtown, a major street or residential area, watch for orange signs and cones.  They aren’t just placed there for your inconvenience.  They protect Water Works employees while working and protect the public while driving.  Water Works employees go through regular training to know federal requirements on the proper set up of these temporary traffic control situations.

Other steps taken to protect employees includes an employee safety committee, regular safety training, safety inspections and observations, accident investigations and having safety rules, policies and programs in place.  Employees receive training and reminders about driving safely from supervisors, the Iowa State Patrol, the Iowa Department of Transportation, and the National Safety Council.  Employees also wear proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when needed.

Just like all Des Moines Water employees, buckle up, scan for hazards, and watch your speed.  Safety is everybody’s business!

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Des Moines Water Works Receives Safety Recognition

Des Moines Water Works (DMWW) received an award from the Iowa-Illinois Safety Council and the Iowa Governor’s Traffic Safety Bureau for participation in the Belt America Program for 2010.  The Belt America Program recognizes employers that promote seatbelt usage both on and off the job and actively survey employee usage. 

DMWW received an additional award from the Iowa Governor’s Traffic Safety Bureau and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (part of US Department of Transportation) in the form of the Safety Belt Honor Roll in the 90% and over category.  The Safety Belt Honor Roll recognizes employers that achieve 85% employee seatbelt use and higher.

Receiving both of these awards on behalf of DMWW’s Central Safety Committee were Terri Carman (Customer Service), Julia Johnston (Finance) and R. W. Smith (HR).  The awards were presented by Al Perkins, Iowa State Patrol – Retired.  Mr. Perkins is the Belt America Program Manager for the Iowa-Illinois Safety Council, a chapter of National Safety Council.

The Iowa Department of Transportation has identified 6,230 people that have survived otherwise fatal or life threatening crashes since 1986 through the use of seatbelts.  The National Centers for Disease Control estimate that Iowans save $69 million annually through the use of seatbelts.

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