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March 1, 2011

Saylorville Water Treatment Plant Update

Des Moines Water Works’ newest treatment plant, Saylorville Water Treatment Plant, is now operational, in manual mode, and pumping finished drinking water into the distribution system.  The oxidation of iron and manganese in the pretreatment basin is working well.  The oxidized iron and manganese are then removed by the ultrafiltration (UF) process.  Part of the UF treated water then goes through the reverse osmosis (RO) process where hardness and other dissolved constituents like nitrate are removed.  The remaining UF treated water is then blended with the RO treated water and the mixed waters flow into the finished water clearwell.  Fluoride is added and chlorine is added for disinfection.  The plant is being operated manually for eight hours each day until all control programming is completed and the plant can be operated from the Control Center at Fleur Drive Treatment Plant.

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