July 2, 2012

Rising Water Demand

Water main breaks are often associated with cold, icy weather. But when hot, dry weather increases customers’ water demand for irrigation, recreation and hydration, main breaks can be just as frequent.

Des Moines Water Works water pumpage record of 92 million gallons a day (mgd) was set in June 2006. Pumpage has yet to reach that level in 2012, but demand is increasing.

Central Iowa is fortunate to have sufficient sources of water to meet the needs of residential, business, industrial, and governmental customers.  In addition, Des Moines Water Works has made significant financial investments in treatment plants, pumps, tanks, piping, and reservoir storage to meet customers’ drinking water needs.

These assets can be affected by increased demand. Water demand puts stress on older water mains throughout the water distribution area which may lead to a break.

If a main break occurs in your neighborhood, Des Moines Water Works crews work quickly to make the repair and restore water service. Due to the urgency of such situations, our crews make the repair process their top priority. Occasionally, this means water service may be interrupted for periods of time without prior notification.

If you see water in the street, please call Des Moines Water Works at.283-8700. Our Water Distribution team can determine the cause and arrange for any necessary repairs. With early detection, a repair can be made more quickly.

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