March 9, 2011

Planning Your Spring Garden

This is the perfect time to start planning your spring and summer garden, however it is a little early to start the hands-on outdoor work.  Starting early on your plans is a great idea. Planning where and what plants you want to use can take weeks.  Picking your plants early from a vast array of garden catalogs is essential in getting the plants you want. The earlier you order, the better chance you will have to get them. Most of the time, new introduction and favorite plants are sold out well before the planting season begins.

Many seeds take between two to three months to flower. Starting seeds in your home under a grow light is a great way to get a jump on your spring gardening. It allows you to have plants that are larger and perhaps all ready blooming in your garden. Using cool season plants such as pansies, chard, kale, and lettuce will allow you to plant a little earlier. These plants can take a light, late season frost and still be good growers.

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