January 10, 2013

New Technology for Pleasant Hill Customers

Des Moines Water Works is implementing new meter reading technology in our Pleasant Hill service area. Currently, meter readers walk Pleasant Hill neighborhoods and collect reads manually from meter reading devices located on the exterior of your home or business. In January, we will be kicking off a project to install “fixed base radio frequency” for Pleasant Hill customers. This technology eliminates any manual intervention in collecting meter reads and creates a more efficient reading and billing process.

In addition to being more efficient,  utilizing this technology will also bring enormous benefits to you. You will be able to access your meter reads online at www.dmww.com and/or set up a consumption alert that will advise you when your consumption has exceeded a set number of gallons specified by you. This will help you detect leaks, running toilets, or a garden hose left running as it occurs, saving you the unwelcome surprise of a high bill. In addition, DMWW will be able to monitor for situations of water running continuously at a property (the sign of a potential leak), allowing us to proactively contact you to make you aware of a possible leak.

The project will begin in January and will continue throughout 2013 in phases. Because we may need access to your meter, you will receive a letter asking you to call Des Moines Water Works to schedule an appointment. We look forward to bringing you more robust technology with features that will help you better manage your water usage.

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