November 10, 2010

How Do We Define “Quality” in Drinking Water?

Quality is one of those rare words that everyone knows, but few can define. In basic use, it implies a degree of worth or excellence. Digging a little deeper, we say that it is a distinguishable aspect of something or someone, and perhaps not necessarily a good aspect. When we speak of quality drinking water, what exactly do we mean, and what are the standards for high quality?

The Safe Drinking Water Act established 10 regulated parameters in 1974. Now there are about 100. Water supplied by municipal systems like DMWW must not contain more than specified amounts of these regulated parameters—the primary drinking water standards. These are standards or limits on certain pollutants that may present a health hazard if found your drinking above a certain concentration.

Water can meet the regulations for these primary standards, but still be nearly impossible to drink because of objectionable tastes, odors, or appearance. Substances that do not pose a health hazard, but can diminish the quality of drinking water, include iron, manganese, certain salts, excess hardness, and algae.

Finally, most people associate high quality water with acceptable water pressure at the tap, cost, and service dependability.

Staff at DMWW strives to produce water that meets customers’ definition of “high quality” in every way. DMWW water has met all regulations for the primary drinking water standards for nearly 20 years running. Tests are conducted and treatment processes are monitored hundreds of times a day to ensure that the water will taste good and enter your home without objectionable odors. Our field service and distribution employees strive to deliver acceptable pressure and dependable service at the tap through extensive monitoring of our piping systems. And all staff strives to produce safe Water You Can Trust for Life at an affordable cost to Des Moines area residents. Quality water is a quality of life issue, so if the water entering your home does not meet your standards for quality, be sure to let us know.

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