August 31, 2015

Des Moines Water Works will Host Regional Infor EAM User Conference

Logo-Infor-1-Des Moines Water Works will host a Regional Infor Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) User Conference on November 19. Des Moines Water Works was chosen out of the many EAM customers because of its world-class EAM implementation and facilities.

What makes Des Moines Water Works’ EAM implementation world class?

  • Des Moines Water Works’ geographic information system (GIS) integration is the largest of any of Infor’s 15,000 customers worldwide.
  • Des Moines Water Works’ integration with PeopleSoft and ADP are also noteworthy accomplishments that eliminate duplicate data entry.
  • Integration with supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) allows Des Moines Water Works operations to start work orders from the SCADA screen. Equipment run times are imported into EAM to schedule preventive maintenance.
  • Integration with [email protected] flags potential electrical and system issues based on real-time data from SCADA.
  • Utility bill management analyzes each of our monthly utility bills – around 50 in all – and provides information such as increasing consumption, errors, and anomalies.
  • Energy data uploads to the Department of Energy’s EnergyStar Portfolio Manager gives Des Moines Water Works valuable information on how the utility compares to other water utilities across the country.
  • Des Moines Water Works’ field communications are the envy of not just other EAM users, but other businesses with field service/customer support. Complete corporate network access anywhere a 4G LTE connection is available is truly world class.

Des Moines Water Works’ partners are the keystone to successful implementation and integration of EAM. Stratum Consulting Partners has been with Des Moines Water Works for many years, dating back to the MP2 days in Water Production. Stratum has been a partner throughout Des Moines Water Works’ entire implementation and continues to provide highly capable resources that know how to get the job done.

Asynerlytics, LLC, partnered with Des Moines Water Works to integrate energy and reliability components that will provide ongoing world class energy and asset management structure within EAM. This structure will be a key component in Des Moines Water Works’ Energy Management System as the utility progresses to ISO 50001 and Department of Energy Superior Energy Performance certifications.

Infor’s Dale Wilkinson and Asynerlytics’ Bill Miller were instrumental in bringing the conference to Des Moines Water Works.

Infor is handling event details and additional information will be available soon.

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