June 13, 2012

Customer Advisory Council – We Want You!

Des Moines Water Works (DMWW) strives to deliver programs and options that are valued by our customers.   Two of the biggest concerns we hear from residential customers relate to leaks in service lines and inoperable stop boxes.  Customers are responsible for maintaining their water service line, including the stop box, and when a service line or stop box needs repaired, the cost to repair is often significant and unexpected.   For many customers, this can be devastating to the family budget.

To provide customers an option, Des Moines Water Works has recently requested proposals from service providers to offer a service line warranty program to our customers.  DMWW has committed to performing all the due diligence to ensure the program is cost-effective, offers full coverage without “small print exclusions,” and is overall, in our customers’ best interests.

We would like to invite residential customers to participate in a Customer Advisory Council to review DMWW’s recommended provider and program and provide feedback.  The time commitment is approximately one hour.  If interested, please email Amy Kahler, Director of Customer Service and Marketing, at [email protected].  Take this opportunity to help shape an important program for Des Moines Water Works’ customers!

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