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July 11, 2012

A Growing Botanical Center

The Des Moines Botanical Center will grow next year to feature new outdoor gardens, tree-lined walkways, a water garden, and a botany lab. The renovation also involves a new name. Effective January 1, 2013, the Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden, a nonprofit foundation, will assume the center’s lease with the City of Des Moines and oversee the expected $11.6 million in renovations. Also included in the makeover are a new cafe, an event lawn, updated meeting and event rooms and an expanded parking lot.  Phase one construction is expected to begin early 2013.

Des Moines Water Works has operated the Botanical Center since January 2004, and will continue to support the new Botanical Garden with annual in-kind contributions.

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Life in the Tropics

Painted turtles, goldfish and koi call the Des Moines Botanical Center’s two ponds home. It is difficult to get an exact count of each, but we guess there are approximately 10 painted turtles, nearly 40 koi of all sizes and colors, and a couple dozen goldfish of various sizes.

The fish have a pretty easy-going day. Every morning, they feast on the fallen leaves inside the Dome and investigate anything found in the ponds left by visitors, including shoes, sunglasses and beaded necklaces. They then devour a not-so-gourmet blend of protein, fat and fiber. Between the two ponds, you can tell who is on a diet or a picky eater. The fish in the lower pond take their time making their way towards the food, while the fish near the waterfall pond have collisions with each other trying to get first dibs! The rest of the day consists of swimming with friends as visitors rain shiny coins on them like they are royalty.

The turtles have a different agenda. In the mornings, you can find them floating in the water, minding their own business. Most of them don’t seem to mind fish feeding time. As the fish franticly swim towards food, the turtles often get bumped into, and not surprisingly, sometimes get pushed under water, as a fish swim over them.  They just bob back up and grab any remaining food that comes their way. When high-noon comes, you’ll find them in groups on the ledge of the ponds sunbathing. They are still as can be with their necks stretched out, soaking in the rays…possibly the ladies of the group gossiping over the gentlemen floating by.

Everyday life as a Botanical Center fish or turtle is what some of us might call a much needed vacation in the tropics!

Visit the Des Moines Botanical Center today to see the fish and turtles.  The Botanical Center is open daily 9:00 am-5:00 pm.

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Year in Review

From starting up our third treatment plant to educating more than 27,000 children and adults, here’s a look at the top 25 accomplishments in 2011 at Des Moines Water Works.

  1. Commissioned DMWW’s third water treatment facility, Saylorville Water Treatment Plant
  2. Responded to 300 main breaks
  3. Assisted 56,000 customers in the office and visited 42,000 customers in the field
  4. Launched Parkitecture competition for the redesign of Water Works Park
  5. Repaved roads in Water Works Park
  6. Hosted several events at Water Works Park, including HyVee Fishing Derby, Big Country Bash, weddings, charity walks, Des Moines Marathon and Jolly Holiday Lights
  7. Planted approximately 70,000 plants and flowers in Water Works Park and Fleur Drive medians
  8. Found $611,000 in process efficiencies throughout the utility
  9. Reaffirmed  our strong Aa1 bond rating by Moody’s, second from highest attainable
  10. Redesigned new website with enhanced customer features, like consumption alerts
  11. Implemented electronic checks as a new customer payment option
  12. Awarded “Public Policy Champion of the Year” from Iowa Ducks Unlimited
  13. Implemented new Geographical Information System (GIS):  DMWW’s water distribution staff is now using new GIS software that allows access of important information about the distribution system while working in the field.
  14. Established Enterprise Asset Management software:  Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) at its most basic level is a work order system.  But as an asset management software, EAM is a lot more than that.  Asset management goes beyond creating work orders and includes planning and scheduling projects, tracking assets’ conditions, and forecasting asset replacement. 
  15. Ended use of gaseous chlorine at all facilities:  All water disinfection throughout the utility (three plants and six remote locations) is now being done with liquid hypochlorite.  This effort brings a safer environment for our employees and community.
  16. Reported our greenhouse gas emissions to The Climate Registry
  17. Contributed $19,286.28 to the United Way of Central Iowa through employee donations – a record year!
  18. Reduced employees’ metabolic syndrome risk factors by 18% from 2010 to 2011
  19. Awarded two safety recognition awards
  20. Received a Proclamation from Mayor Cownie during Drinking Water Week, recognizing DMWW’s contributions to the community
  21. Assisted DMACC with a new water/waste water curriculum
  22. Received a book and dedication from Ankeny first graders illustrating the importance of clean rivers
  23. Celebrated the importance of water with over 2,000 Iowa 5th grade students at the Iowa Children’s Water Festival
  24. Reached 27,800 people through classroom presentations, tours and special events conducted by the Urban Environmental Partnership.
  25. Hosted 237 meetings/social events and 53 weddings at the Des Moines Botanical Center, including 10 weddings on 11/11/11! The Botanical Center also welcomed 255 tour groups for a total of 9,560 people
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Beat the Winter Blues at Des Moines Botanical Center

Don’t let the winter blues get you down! Warm up with Botanical Blues at the Des Moines Botanical Center every Sunday through the end of February from 1:00-3:00 pm. The concert season kicked off January 7 with an outstanding performance by Bob Pace with an enthusiastic crowd of over 550 attendees.

The 2012 musical lineup is one you will not want to miss! Enjoy music by local musicians surrounded by royal palms, historic bamboos, breathtaking orchids, and hundreds of other tropical plants.

Beverages and appetizers are available for purchase from the Riverwalk Café.

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Des Moines’ Best Kept Dining and Shopping Secrets

Riverwalk Café
You already know to visit the Des Moines Botanical Center to enjoy the warmth from the tropical plants, but did you know the Riverwalk Café inside the Botanical Center offers a delicious and affordable lunch menu?  No admission to the Botanical Center is required to dine at the Riverwalk Café!  Enjoy sandwiches, wraps, grilled sandwiches, pasta bowls, homemade soups good for the soul, and filling salads. The house specialty, and I do mean specialty, is the steak or chicken quesadilla, you will love it! I am ready for lunch, how about you?  The kiddos will favor the chicken strips or grilled cheese sandwich, served with chips and a drink. Top off lunch with a delicious homemade cookie, a sweet slice of sour cream coconut cake or a yummy brownie. Eat in or call ahead and take it with you.  Groups of 10 or more: check out the delivery menu that includes breakfast packages, box lunches and signature tray packages. 

Garden Gate Gift Shop
With less than two weeks to buy it, wrap it and tag it, you need to get shopping today!  We invite you to visit the Botanical Center’s Garden Gate Gift Shop for unique gifts for everyone on your list. Find a splendid inventory of jewelry, books, plants and keepsakes. Surprising and fun gifts for kids and tweens, practical and meaningful gifts for mom and grandma.  Funny gifts for a coworker, friend or that compulsive University of Iowa and Iowa State fan.  Pick up a scarf or a Christmas Cactus or two – one for me, one for you!  No admission to the Botanical Center is required to shop at the Garden Gate Gift Shop!

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Holiday Cheer at Des Moines Botanical Center

The Des Moines Botanical Center is an extra magical place this holiday season! The tropical Dome has been transformed into a pink wonderland. Walk through the Botanical Center and be overwhelmed with the abundance of cheery pink this holiday season. Enjoy the surroundings of white and pink sparkling poinsettias, oversized candy canes and lollipops, reindeer and snowman topiaries, breathtaking poinsettia trees, and giant, colorful presents. Don’t forget to stop at the Garden Gate Gift Shop and find unique gifts for everyone on your list!  The Des Moines Botanical Center staff wishes you & your family a colorful and wonderful holiday!

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Looking for a Unique Location for Your Next Meeting?

Does your group or organization need a unique space for meetings, seminars or annual banquet?  Something different is at the Des Moines Botanical Center.  The Botanical Center offers free parking, on-site catering, several well appointed meeting rooms that are clean, well lit and can be set up to accommodate any size group… and wireless Internet in every room! Not to mention, the scenic location east of downtown and along the beautiful Riverwalk, makes the Botanical Center a very convenient and picturesque location.

Whether it’s a seminar, wedding or banquet, the Des Moines Botanical Center is the unique setting you are looking for. Call an event coordinator today at (515) 323-6290 or visit to find out more!  Take a look and book today!

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The Botanical Center – It’s More Than Just Plants

The North Wing Gallery and Show House Corridor are mini art galleries which are open to the public to enjoy while they view the beautiful dome and lush outside gardens.  This art work changes every few months and is for sale with the proceeds benefiting the Botanical Center.

Currently in the North Wing Gallery is a display of 40 large color photographs by Friends Director, Elvin McDonald.  Elvin has had the opportunity to visit professional and amateur gardens all over the world which has resulted in a wonderful portfolio of photographs.  The images he chose for this display best tell the story of his life in the garden.

The Show House Corridor is showcasing the delightful flower images of Omaha artist April Kelly.  Her art represents beauty, energy, and light; her work is refreshing and happy.  April’s work is acrylic on canvas and she uses a special finish to give the work an illusion of a glass coating.

We hope you look for this art work when you visit the Botanical Center.

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The Botanical Center’s Outdoor Gardens

Have you visited the Des Moines Botanical and Environmental Center lately?  This is the perfect time to enjoy all of the outdoor gardens at the Center.  

Approximately 13,000 annuals were recently planted on the grounds, and many enhancements have been made. 

The perennial gardens that were planted along the entrance sidewalks are in their second year and are looking spectacular.  The last two year’s weather has really pushed these plants to mature size and bloom levels.

A popular spot for weddings, the gazebo has been adorned with a couple new flowerbeds.  Last year a large donated collection of Bearded Iris, Siberian Iris, Daylily, and Asiatic Lilies was added, and that area has been full of color since March and should continue until frost.  Numerous varieties of annuals were planted in the area in front of the gazebo, formally known as the herb garden, to add more color.  The new and improved herb garden was moved to the east side of the building and replanted by the Des Moines Herb Society.

Finally, the Buck Rose collection has been expanded and now contains 80+ varieties, making the Botanical Center the site of one of the largest collections of these roses in the nation.  (The late Dr. Griffith Buck developed the hardy, fragrant roses at Iowa State University.)

We’re sure you’ll enjoy your next trip to the Botanical Center.  While you’re there, be sure to check out the Gift Shop and the Riverwalk Cafe.

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Celebrate Earth Day!

Earth Day is April 22, and is a great time each year to show off your “greenness!”  Earth Day is a reminder of our responsibility to protect our planet so that it is a place of beauty and remains healthy and safe for future generations.

The first Earth Day was held in the spring of 1970 (thanks to Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson and environmentalist activist, Denis Hayes) and was officially declared a day of celebration in 1990. 

You don’t have to be part of an organized event to do your part on Earth Day (and every day). Keep on with the green things you already do and try something new…

  • Take a walk and breathe in the fresh air at Water Works Park
  • Explore a world of plants under one dome at the Des Moines Botanical & Environmental Center.  Enjoy free admission for everyone on Earth Day!
  • Take Household Hazardous Materials (HHMs) to the Regional Collection Center in Bondurant.
  • Purchase more environmentally-friendly products.
  • Don’t purchase more than you will need; then use them up.
  • Buy products that don’t use so much packaging.
  • Use more reusable materials like lunch boxes, sandwich containers, aluminum water bottles and rags.
  • Bag up grass clippings, leaves, sticks and branches and put them in CompostIt! bags at the curb.
  • Clean up pet waste and put it in the garbage so it doesn’t wash down the storm sewers and into the rivers!
  • Keep your car in good repair so it doesn’t leak oil.  Clean up oil leaks with kitty litter or sand and sweep it up.
  • Plant grass and trees so there is no loose dirt on your property.

Even though Earth Day is officially celebrated on April 22, everyday can be Earth Day if you choose.

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