March 6, 2012

Avoid High Water Bill Surprises

Des Moines Water Works listened to customer suggestions for more functionality to online customer account information. A new customer account feature now available at is consumption alerts. Don’t be surprised by a high water bill anymore. Customers now have the ability to set a daily consumption threshold. If your daily consumption exceeds that on any given day, an automated alert will be sent to an e-mail account you provide.

To set up a new consumption alert:

  • Log in to your Des Moines Water Works account at
  • Select the Account Services tab and then select Consumption Alerts
  • Select the meter you would like to be alerted
  • Check to select either Gallons or Cubic Feet (DMWW bills in cubic feet, but many people find it more natural to think in terms of gallons)
  • After reviewing your last bill statement and the average daily recommendations listed as a guide, enter in your daily consumption threshold and click Save
  • The new consumption alert will be listed below
  • Changes to the alert can be made at any time by deleting your existing alert and creating a new one.

We encourage customers to save money and save water by taking advantage of the consumption alert feature now available. Too many times, customers don’t notice a leaking toilet until they open their water bill and find that it has doubled or even tripled its normal amount. The new alert feature allows customers to be notified as the leak is occurring and promptly correct it, avoiding wasted water and the surprise of a large bill.

If you have questions about setting up a consumption alert, contact Des Moines Water Works at 283-8700.

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