May 1, 2012

Aquifer Storage and Recovery Wells

Des Moines Water Works (DMWW) has utilized two Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) wells as sources of water for four years.  These wells are installed deep into the Jordan Aquifer and used to store water that is needed when water demand is high – usually during the summer months when customers are using more water for irrigation of lawns and gardens.  When water demand is low, mainly during winter months, DMWW will store drinking water down into the wells which displace the native Jordan water around the wells.

A total of 270 million gallons can be stored in each of two ASR wells during the winter months when DMWW has excess water treatment capacity.  Then in the summer months, during higher water demand, the drinking water is pumped out of the ASR wells and into the water distribution system for use by customers.  The water is pumped out of each of the ASR wells at three million gallons per day rate.  These wells can pump for a total of 90 days to recover the 270 MG put into the wells.

The ASR wells can be constructed for about one-third the cost of adding capacity to an existing water treatment plant.  These ASR wells are utilized to take capacity demand off the treatment plants.

This is just one of the methods DMWW uses to maximize the funds used to invest in the infrastructure required to deliver quality water to our customer in the quantities that they need.

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