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December 30, 2019

New Year’s Resolution: Drink Tap

New Year’s resolutions are usually about saving money, getting healthy or helping to make the world a better place. The perfect resolution that does all three? Reduce bottled beverages and drink tap water in a reusable water bottle.

Tap water is safe, affordable, sustainable and convenient.

  • Studies show that bottled water is no safer than tap water. Des Moines Water Works performs up to 250 tests daily in its state certified laboratory, and must meet 90 regulations for water safety and quality. In addition, tap water has zero calories, sugar and fat. Calories and sugar in sports drinks (when you don’t need them) and sodas can add up quickly.

  • At approximately one penny per gallon, Des Moines Water Works’ tap water is about 1,000 times less expensive than bottled water. An 8 ounce glass of tap water can be refilled approximately 15,000 times for the same price as a six pack of soda.

  • Plastic bottles not recycled properly can end up in landfills or waterways and most of the environmental impact from bottled water comes from the manufacturing and transportation of the product. While producing and distributing water is an energy-intensive operation, Des Moines Water Works was the first water treatment plant in the United States to become certified for Superior Energy Performance by the U.S. Department of Energy.

  • Quality water is available right at the tap. Invest in a quality reusable water bottle that keeps water cold for hours. Many public buildings, schools, and area attractions have reusable water bottle filling stations – fill, drink, repeat.

New Year’s resolutions that involve minor changes to your daily life are the easiest to stick with. While drinking tap water might be a small step, it can have a big impact to your health, budget and the environment!

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