June 8, 2011

Water Safety

Water is a necessity and nothing is more convenient than having clean, safe Des Moines Water Works tap water straight from the faucet.  However, water related accidents do happen.  Follow these safety reminders to help keep your family safe from water accidents:

• Water spills on slick floor surfaces can cause someone to slip and fall.  Be sure to wipe up spills right away.  Keep people (and pets!) away from freshly mopped floors.

• Small children should never be left alone in bath water, not even for a minute.  Children can drown from less than an inch of water.  Do not allow distractions such as the doorbell or telephone to take you away from a small child who is bathing.

• Water and electricity do not mix.  Do not put electrical appliances near standing water.

• Do not let unattended children play near pools, ponds or streams. Residences with pools are required to have fences and homeowners should keep doors and gates locked when the pool is not in use.

• Turn the water heater down so that hot water from the faucet cannot cause burns or you may want to investigate the possibility of installing a scald control faucet.  However, it is important to keep the water temperature at 130 degrees Fahrenheit to stifle bacteria growth in the water heater.

• Do not walk away from a stove that has boiling liquids.  Keep pan handles turned so they cannot be pulled down by a small child.

• If your child has a plastic wading pool, be sure to drain it and store it in an upright position after each use.  Do not allow children to play in wading pools unsupervised.

• Check your water turn-off valves.  Know how to use them in the case of an emergency.

• Periodically check your pipes for drips, plugs and leaks – before it becomes a bigger problem!  If in doubt, seek a licensed professional for plumbing work.

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