December 21, 2011

Water 101: How Much Do You Know About H2O?

Take this quiz to find out how much you know about H2O!

1.  What percent of the earth’s surface is water?
a. about 50%  
b. about 75%  
c. about 97%
2.  Of all the water on earth, how much is available to use for drinking water?
a. 25%             
b. 3%              
c. 1%

3.  About how much does one gallon of water weigh? 
a. 4 lbs.  
b. 8 lbs.   
c. 10 lbs.

4.  What two rivers does Des Moines Water Works use to make drinking water?
a. Des Moines and Skunk 
b. Raccoon and Iowa 
c. Des Moines and Raccoon

5.  What is the longest a human could live without water?
a. one day  
b. one week  
c. one month

6.  About how much of the human body is water?
a. 95%   
b. 80%   
c. 65%

7.  What uses the most water in households each day?
a. laundry  
b. showers  
c. flushing the toilet

8.  What percent of water in homes is used for drinking purposes?
a. 2%   
b. 10%   
c. 20% 

9.  What is the longest river in the world?
a. Mississippi
b. Amazon  
c. Nile

10.  How thick does ice have to be to hold an average-sized human?
a. 2”   
b. 4”   
c. 6”

11.  About how many gallons of water will run down the drain if you leave a faucet on for one minute?
a. 5   
b. 3   
c. 8 

12.  How many gallons of water does the average American use for a five-minute shower? 
a. 20   
b. 30   
c. 40

13.   How much water does it take to make a can of pop? 
a. 1 gallon  
b. 5 gallons  
c. 10 gallons  

14.   What makes hard water “hard?”
a.  Low temperatures 
b. minerals 
c. heat and pressure 

15.  The gradual wearing away of soil by water is called __________.
a. combustion  
b. precipitation  
c. erosion

1. b
2. c
3. b
4. c
5. b
6. c
7. c
8. a
9. c
10. b
11. a
12. b
13. c
14. b
15. c

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