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March 1, 2012

Cheers to H2O and Your Health

All cell and organ functions in the human body depend on water. In fact, water makes up over half of the weight in the human body. If water is not consumed regularly, your body may become dehydrated – a life threatening condition.  A glass of water, available straight from the tap is the best and most inexpensive way to supply the body with fluid.

To reduce the risk of dehydration, most adults should consume six to eight 8-ounce glasses of water, or about 1 quart of water daily. More water may be necessary when exercising, during hot weather, when humidity is low, in high altitudes, when on a “high fiber” diet, or when consuming beverages containing alcohol or caffeine. Carbonated and caffeinated beverages have a dehydrating effect, so it is best to consume a glass of water for each one of these beverages you drink.

Another great way to earn your daily supply of fluids is through the foods we eat. Fresh fruits and vegetables can provide up to 39% of the daily requirement.

  •  A ripe pineapple is soaked with up to 86% water
  • Strawberries and peaches both contain about 90% water
  • Watermelon, so aptly names, packs up to 99% water
  • Lettuce contains 96% water
  • Adding cucumbers, radishes and tomatoes to your salad not only adds flavor, but can be counted in your daily intake of water

What else can H2O do for you?

  • Water provides the base for body fluids, such as the fluids in joints and saliva.
  • Water helps to regulate body temperature.
  • Water helps to utilize key nutrients.
  • Drinking plenty of water reduces fluid retention.
  • Water helps to reduce the effects of aging.
  • Water helps to boost energy.
  • Water helps to dilute and dispel toxins in the system.
  • Water plays an active role in reducing the risk of kidney stones, urinary tract cancer, bladder cancer and possibly even colon cancer.
  • The magnesium in water has been found to help  prevent heart attacks, asthma and migraine headaches.
  • Water helps to fight off colds by keeping you hydrated enough to trap cold viruses in the mucus lining of your throat and helps to soothe and relieve a cough.
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