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June 12, 2012

Improve Water Quality with Rain Barrel and Rain Gardens

Rain barrels and rain gardens are a great way to protect our precious water resources and can save you money, too.

Rain barrels collect rainwater from rooftops via rain gutters, which is then used to water yards and gardens. 1/4” rain can yield over 200 gallons of water. Any large container with a lid will work, and you can make your own quite easily.  Many videos with step-by-step instructions for making a rain barrel are available online.

Rain gardens are planted depressions near rain gutters that allow rainwater to be absorbed, thus reducing runoff and potentially polluted storm water going down our storm sewers and into our rivers.  Rain gardens also help recharge groundwater. Native plants should be used because they don’t require fertilizer and are more tolerant to local climate conditions. Rain gardens need a little more maintenance than a lawn in the beginning, but in the long run become much easier to care for.

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