October 10, 2010

Des Moines Water Works Using Social Media

You may wonder why a water utility would need more online presence than a website.  Des Moines Water Works’ (DMWW) social media endeavor is in alignment with our 2010-2014 Strategic Plan. We realize the way the world communicates has changed, and we want to be where our customers are. If that means participating in blogging, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, we’re ready to be there.

Our management team is very much on board with this new initiative, and on this blog you’ll be hearing from many employees from every corner of our organization. From the treatment plants to the Botanical Center, to Water Works Park, we’re bringing the best insights from our people directly to you. We hope you enjoy this blog, and comment frequently. We’re listening.

What do we hope to accomplish?

  • Increase public awareness of the value of water
  • Promote stewardship of our natural resources
  • Post current DMWW news
  • Promote events at the Botanical Center and in the parks
  • Educate water consumers
  • Inform the public of our involvement and initiatives with various associations
  • Share pertinent information about the Utility (Did you know DMWW was recognized by Forbes in 2008 for having the highest quality drinking water in the USA?)
  • Attract qualified applicants, and
  • Interact with the community, residential and business customers, industry and government partners

We’re on Facebook as Des Moines Water Works, and Twitter at DSMH2O. Please join the conversation!

We welcome your feedback.  Are there topics of particular interest to you?  Let us know how we can improve service to you, our customers.

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3 Responses to “Des Moines Water Works Using Social Media”

  1. October 11, 2010 at 1:47 am, Jim said:

    I found your blog and am really enjoying it. Good stuff.


    • November 02, 2010 at 5:18 pm, Claire Celsi said:

      Thanks for reading! Let us know what you would like to hear from us. You can check us out on Facebook and Twitter, too!


  2. October 12, 2010 at 6:15 pm, Client Work: DSMH2O | Ad Mavericks said:

    […] Moines Water Works’ story, but I’ll leave that up to them, they’re the experts. I’d suggest starting with this post where Randy Beavers, CEO for the DMWW writes about why they are using social media. I told you they […]


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